8 Facts about Lanzones

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Lanzones is a popular fruit grown in many tropical countries in South East Asia. It is a delicious sweet, sour, and juicy fruit. This fruit has a spherical or oval shape, with yellow to brownish peel and a semi-translucent soft flesh.

8 Facts about Lanzones
8 Facts about Lanzones

@healthbiztips by Arlene Gentallan

1. Lanzones tree's lifespan is 1 century (100 years).

2. Take it easy. Endulging in too much lanzones can cause bloating.

3. Lansones has several varieties including duku, jolo, longkong, and paete.

4. The flesh of lanzones fruit is usually eaten raw, but can also be made as candy, jam, beverage, jelly, salad, and be use as an ingredient in many Asian main dish.

5. Lanzones is in season from August to November.

6. Lanzones fruit is acidic so it's sour variety is not recommended for people afflicted with GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) or hyperacidity.

7. Lanzones originated from the Malaysian Peninsula. It has been grown successfully in many Asian countries like Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. It even reached Hawaii.

8. Did you know that lanzones tree only begins to bear fruit 4 years after it has been planted.

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