11 Facts about Compulsive Liar - psychology

11 Facts about Compulsive Liar - psychology

On average, a person lies several times a day, but compulsive liar takes lying to an all new level. It's as if their lying has gone out of control.

11 Facts about Compulsive Liar - psychology
11 Facts about Compulsive Liar - psychology
@healthbiztips by Arlene Gentallan

1. An average person lies, but with a purpose. For example, they can lie about compliments they say to friends to make them feel better or to take advantage of them. On the other hand, a compulsive liar habitually tells lies without consciously thinking about it and without any justifiable reason.

2. Compulsive liar often tell lies that does not benefit them. They can inject exaggerated lies even in the simplest context.

3. It is very hard for a compulsive liar to tell the truth. In fact, it's easier for them to spontaneously fabricate lies. The compulsion to tell lies usually starts during childhood and is associated with poor self-esteem.

4. A compulsive liar tells lies ranging from simple matter up to big issues that can jeopardize their personal life or career. It's terrifying that they seem to come up with a lie instantaneously, but they don't usually lie to manipulate other people.

5. Compulsive liars do not regret or fell bad about the lies they construct. In fact, they risk it all. They constantly lie even when their personal or professional life is at stake. They do not care about what other people say and how they will be judged.

6. Compulsive liar are so good at telling lies that they can fool many people. They can be so good at lying that it's very hard to tell if they're actually lying. A compulsive liar does not show even the most subtle sign when they are lying. Don't expect to see a compulsive liar agitated or uncomfortable when lying. In fact, constant lying is the normal way of life for a compulsive liar.

7. Even when a compulsive liar knew people can see through their lies, this doesn't stop them from telling lies. While a compulsive liar may be aware that they are telling a lie, they often can not help themselves from telling lies. Lying has become such a strong habit that's almost impossible to break.

8. Being a compulsive liar often accompanies certain personality disorders like ADHD, borderline personality disorder, and bipolar personality disorder. A compulsive liar often do not admit that they have such condition. Some compulsive liars only admit to seek treatment when their lying behavior has caused a tragic blow to their life.

9. A compulsive liar has more white matter in their brain's prefrotal cortex which makes sense considering the amount of brain work they have to do to make-up lies.

10. Compulsive liars are rare. This type of liar is also called habitual liar.

11. We don't know exactly what happens inside the minds of compulsive liar. There is very little research done about their psychology. In fact, compulsive liar is not considered a mental illness in itself.

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