Is thinking so hard... which makes pain so much better?

Imagine this. You are given a task to sit alone and think for about 15 minutes. You can think about anything you'd like, but you are not allow to sleep. This shouldn't be hard.

Let's make things a little exciting. I'll give you an option to press a button that will instantly give you a safe but painful dose of a mild electric shock. Let me make it clear that you don't have to press this shock button, unless you want to.

Let's have a demo. Please press the shock button. Very good! Now, you just realize that although this is a safe dose of a mild electric shock, it is still too painful. In fact, you'll even want to pay me just to avoid an electric shock.

How hard could this be? Sit and think. Who would want to self-administer an electric shock?

Is thinking so hard... which makes pain so much better?
Is thinking so hard... which makes pain so much better?

@healthbiztips by Arlene Gentallan

The Revelation

What if I tell you that their's an actual research that used this method only to reveal that being left alone to sit and think is unbearable that a good number of  people would rather shock themselves just to help them pass this seemingly tormenting moment.

Sitting and thinking is something you'd expect from every student. You know what I'm saying.

Strikingly, a good portion of people would rather inflict pain on themselves rather than be left alone to do nothing but think. In fact, 12 out of 18 male students and 6 out of 24 female students, who participated in the study by T. Wilson and colleagues, choose to self-admir electric shock on themselves. Astonishingly, some of them even pressed the shock button multiple times!

Prior studies showed that being alone to think is something a lot of people find boring and unpleasant. Quite surprising, given the fact that we have brain and imagination.

Don't overlook that their is a good portion of people who can actually survive their own thoughts and find meaning in solitary moments. But, we'll focus on those who can't.

In my opinion, this research opens our mind to the real deal: thinking in solitude can be hard. That may be a good reason why self study don't work out for some students, so they prefer study groups.

In the future, I sure hope they don't start installing electric shock button on each student's desk. Which makes me wonder. We'll, if you're a student, what do you think?

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