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Doctors can "Prescribe Nature" in Scotland

A prescription to take a retreat to nature is something you wouldn't expect from your doctor. It just never happens, right? What do most people get from a medical consultation.? A bunch of medicines? A prescription for a laboratory or diagnostic test?

Doctors can "Prescribe Nature" in Scotland - Healthbiztips
Doctors can "Prescribe Nature" in Scotland - Healthbiztips

@healthbiztips by Arlene Gentallan

But, in Shetland, Scotland, doctors have the ability to actually prescribe you this natural holistic remedy. Imagine that...taking a stroll in a peaceful lush forest or a beautiful beach is a real life doctor's prescription.
In Scotland, doctors can medically prescribe you a trip to bond with nature. This is an extraordinary achievement that combines medicine with natural approach to restore health.
 Scottish physicians can "prescribe nature" to address a wide range of physical and mental problems such as depression, anxiety, mental illness, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

Nature restores both the body and mind. Spending time with nature has many well established positive impact to health which includes boosting the immune system, minimizing stress, reducing anxiety, promoting physical mobility, and decreasing risk of heart problems.

Scottish patients who receive "nature prescription" are given a wide selection of activities and destinations.

However, this does not mean that nature is the sole cure. A patient may be prescribed to spend time with nature as a conjunction to medical treatment.

This is an extraordinary feat that expands the scope of the medical profession to include natural proven approach to actually treat a medical condition. Would you wish you have "nature prescription" in your country?

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