Can Anger in Negotiation Make you Victorious?

Negotiation. At some point in our life, we have to talk with another to come up with a compromise.

Showing anger while negotiating seems like a childish and unprofessional behavior, but according to research, if you're gonna be arguing with the other party to get what you want, then there's a chance that you'll yield victorious by being disagreeable.

Be warned, depending on the situation and the person you're dealing with, the use of anger can backfire -- you can end up loosing dearly. Showing anger during a negotiation can also lead to loosing future deals as the incident is seen as maltreatment and inappropriate. In the end of the negotiation, you can loose your credibility and trustworthiness.

The key is to use anger in a subtle way. Don't do it over the top. Do not shout, Direct your anger towards the argument and not directly to the other person.

Be mindful of the who you're dealing with. Appearing angry gives you the benefit of appearing tough, but if you're speaking to a person with the rightful authority (let's say your boss), then speaking in an angry tone may actually make the matter worse for you.


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