Facebook addiction can point to Social insecurity

Facebook Addiction is linked to Social insecurity. 

Many of us can be guilty of this -- we tend to compare our lives with others. It seems there are people whose standard is to exceed other's accomplishment. Do you doubt yourself and question your accomplishments to the extent that you have to look at the success of others? This is where social insecurity comes in.

In spite of their inferiority complex, people with social insecurity have a defense mechanism to ease their feeling of self-doubt. They brag about their accomplishment, and try to make others feel insecure.

Now, if you think about it, Facebook, the social media giant, sounds like a very good platform for people with social insecurities.

In fact, a study has revealed that Facebook addiction is linked to social insecurity.

Facebook addiction can point to Social insecurity
Facebook addiction can point to Social insecurity

@healthbiztips by Arlene Gentallan

Let me clear our what Facebook addiction is. Millions to billions of people check their Facebook account every single day. But, merely browsing Facebook is not yet an addiction. A person who has Facebook addiction spends the majority of his/her time on Facebook to the extent that it harms his/her personal, social, work, or school responsibilities.

Is FAD, which stands for Facebook Addiction Disorder" a real thing?

Although Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD) is not a valid diagnosis, it's coinage makes us realize the extent at which Facebook influence the lives of a huge number of people across the world.

Social media sites is a place for people to interact with one another, yet even in this virtual environment of people interaction, their are people who get addicted. Facebook, a popular worldwide social media site, has gained  an enormous craze and mania, so much that it has become an obsession.

We see the emergence of a generation in which people spends so much time engaged in social media sites. Facebook addiction is a strong word that points to those people who spend tremendous amount of time on Facebook, to the extent that it interferes with their normal life. Facebook addiction can lead them to neglect their family, friends, school activity, work, and even themselves.

Social media sites like Facebook offers a convenient and fast way to express yourself and to connect with people, however, a trends can easily turn into an obsession for a number of reasons which can include social insecurity.


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