Green coffee bean extract for Weight loss

Green coffee bean extract for Weight loss

Green coffee bean extract has gained popularity as a weight loss supplement.

It's key content is chlorogenic acid, a polyphenol which aids in weight loss by lessening the absorption of carbohydrate and impeding the formation of new fat cells.

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Green coffee beans is simply coffee beans that is not roasted, hence, it retained it's green color. Like regular coffee beans, green coffee bean extract also contains caffeine that boosts the body's metabolism which enables the body to burn more calories

Depending on the variety of a coffee bean, roasting it can either decrease or increase it's amount of polyphenol content.

Green coffee bean extract is a rich source of antioxidants in the form of polyphenols which prevents DNA damage and gene mutations.

Studies in mice revealed that even decaffeinated green coffee bean extract exerts weight loss, anti-inflammatory, and anti-diabetic property. Taking green bean extract reduces visceral fat thickness, reduces lipid in the blood, and enhances insulin sensitivity.


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