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7 Hydrotherapy Benefits

Hydrotherapy is an alternative treatment that utilizes water to treat various health problems such as body pain and limitations of movement. This technique is proven safe and effective.

7 Hydrotherapy Benefits - Healthbiztips
7 Hydrotherapy Benefits - Healthbiztips
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The use of water to heal bodily afflictions is an age-old knowledge that dates back to the ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman.

Hydrotherapy is also called "water cure".

Hydrotherapy usually involves the use of warm water with temperature range of 33 to 36 ÂșC, which can be combined with various form of exercises that can be individualized to meet the health needs of a person.

This alternative medicine is used to treat various health problems involving body pain and movement limitation like in the case of back pain, shoulder pain, osteoarthritis, rheumatic disease, and cerebral palsy. It's usually available in a hospital's physiotherapy department.

Hydrotherapy have several benefits to the body.

1. Pain relief
Chronic pain is a limitation that's a huge setback on people suffering from it. Instead of conventional pain relieve medication, the use of water to treat pain offers a natural and drug-free alternative to alleviate pain.

2. Less pressure on joints and back

Being in water relieves pressure on weight-bearing joints and reduces compression on the back bone which helps relieve joint pain and back pain. Since pain a great hindrance when performing physical activity, hydrotherapy can encourage a person to initiate physical movement.

3. Improves circulation

Being submerged in warm water dilates blood vessels which improves blood circulation. Hydrotherapy soothes the body, diminish muscle tension and body aches.

4. Builds muscle strength

In hydrotherapy, the use of water as a resistance to train against helps a person build muscle strength. Individuals with joint problems may find exercising in warm water more bearable than exercising on land.

5. Improves mobility

With the health benefit of alleviating pain, inflammation, and soreness, a person's range of motion can be enhanced by engaging in exercises customized for them. Through time, as they repeatedly engage in physical activity, range of motion of joints can be enhanced.

6. Improves balance

Individuals with movement limitations who find it difficult to do physical activity on land can benefit greatly from hydrotherapy because exerting effort in water is easier and less painful. This method is an effective and proven treatment to yield balance and movement coordination.

7. Reduces stress and anxiety

It can be really tough to deal with health problems when they're accompanied by stress. Hydrotherapy is beneficial to both the physical and mental well-being of an individual. It soothes and calms the nerves.

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