How did sarcasm become a sign of intelligence? - Healthbiztips

Sarcasm is a Sign of Intelligence

Let's play a mind game!

Are sarcastic people really that smart?

Intelligence--we're always interested to know how smart we are.

Being sarcastic might sound like an absurd way to tell if someone is intelligent, yet, scientific studies uncover that it is.

How did sarcasm become a sign of intelligence? - Healthbiztips
How did sarcasm become a sign of intelligence? - Healthbiztips

Sarcasm can be quite tricky because it's saying the contrary of what you intend to convey.

You might ask, if speaking in paradox is the norm of intelligent people, then they must be cracking jokes every few lines. Don't mind me, I'm just being sarcastic.

What makes a sarcastic person so smart?

It turns out, speaking the paradox requires more brain power.

The ability to say and understand sarcasm requires a higher brain process that involves abstract thinking.

Abstract thinking is the ability to analyze and interpret intangible ideas, principles, relationships, and patterns.

It's the ability to think about something which you can not see, feel, or touch, and that which only exist in the mind, like solving a math problem.

The human brain depends on abstract thinking to process mathematics, language, and physics.

Did you know that abstract thinking is a crucial measure of intelligence so it is included in most intelligence test?

The sarcasm. You have to be clever enough to take in the whole situation and find the hidden meaning that is masked underneath a poker face or at times, an inappropriate tone and contradicting facial expression.

Sarcasm boosts creativity

Sarcastic people excel in abstract thinking.

One study reveals that creativity is improved in people who express and understand sarcasm. Yep, after all, creativity is an abstract concept.

In conclusion, I know some of you might think that being sarcastic is such an easy feat that even a kid will have no problem saying and understanding it.

But, in my experience, while I know a lot of people who can spot a sarcastic remark head-on, there are also those folks who just can't catch on. Which, by the way, makes me a mean and judgemental person by thinking that they're "kind of dumb".

At the end, sarcasm sounds like a mind game. It's either you don't get it, take offense, or nail it!

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