How to spot a fake Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel?

8 Signs to Determine a Fake Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel - Healthbiztips

If you want what's best for your skin, you will want to stay clear from fake Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel, but there are times when it's hard to spot and differentiate the real ones from the counterfeit.

How to spot a fake Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel? - Healthbiztips
How to spot a fake Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel? - Healthbiztips

@healthbiztips by Arlene Gentallan

Korean beauty skincare products like "Nature Republic" have a great share of popularity because they're effective and have good reviews. As hot as there products are in the market, so is their fake counterparts.

The danger of fake skincare products

If you don't want to sabotage your face with a fake Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel, then you have to be extra careful. Testimonies of using fake skincare product that caused devastating results are on the rise.

Fake Nature Republic Aloe Vera gel don't live to the real products skin benefits. Using it can cause problems like infection, irritation, and allergic reaction.

Fake skincare products are usually processed in an unsanitary way, causing them to contain such high bacterial count which can aggravate pre-existing skin problems and cause infection.

Real Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel contains 92% aloe vera, but it's fake version can contain very little or no aloe vera at all.

If you're looking for quality and affordability, counterfeit products should not be on your list.

How to spot a fake Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel: Real versus Fake

It is very hard to single out a fake Nature Republic aloe vera gel. You see, under a naked eye, the real and the counterfeit looks the same. However, there are ways to spot if an aloe vera gel is fake.

Let's get this list started!

1. Don't be fooled

Shockingly, a fake Nature Republic Aloe Vera soothing gel can have such a striking similarity with the real one. In fact, to an untrained eye, it is virtually impossible to spot the fake product.

 With this decisive product scrutiny, you know that the counterfeit industry is thriving.

Don't get fooled with these fake products. Here's what you should look for on the outer packaging.

  • Feel the texture of the packaging sticker on the top.
  • Notice the color of the text imprinted on it.
  • Spot the "Nature Republic" brand on the outer packaging.

2. A give away right on the top

Nature Republic has put some thought in making their aloe vera packaging. You can tell by this simple detail that's lacking in fake ones.

See the top packaging of the aloe vera gel wherein there's an image of four slices of aloe vera stack up together and their's a liquid poured on it. Trace the image of the liquid with your fingertips. If what you're holding is a real Nature  Republic Aloe Vera Gel, then you'll feel that the liquid and even it's waterdrop is embossed. This liquid image on the authentic version is glossy and shinny,

If you're holding a fake aloe vera gel, then it's top sticker packaging will not have this embossed image of a liquid.

3. Color Difference

Printed texts on the top and bottom of the Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing gel is green in color. Notice the difference. The real aloe vera gel has a green text on it's packaging versus the fake one with yellowish tint on it.

Go for the green!

4. The devil lies in the details

If you're holding a real Nature Republic Aloe Vera gel, look closer at the small image on the bottom part of the tub. It's an image of an aloe vera plant encased in a circle with a green background. It's on the upper left corner on the bottom of the tub. You should notice that there are tiny dots printed on it.

If you are holding a fake aloe vera gel, then you won't see those tiny dots on the aloe vera image.

5. The Nature Republic seal

When you open the Nature Republic Aloe Vera gel, their should be a transparent lid inside that is embossed with the brand "NATURE REPUBLIC" if it's the original one.

If it's fake, there's usually no brand name on it's inner lid.

The brand Nature Republic is also embossed on the sides of the outer top lid and at the buttom of the tub.

6. The product itself

While we can be fooled with the fake Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing gel on the outside, it has a much more difference from the original in terms of it's content.

Real aloe vera gel by Nature Republic has a light fragrant smell, while it's fake version has a strong scent.

The real aloe vera gel is almost liquidy and transparent. It glides and flows smoothly compare to the fake one. You can spot it's fake version based on the consistency of the aloe vera gel.

A fake aloe vera gel does't glide and flow. It's like a soft transparent gel, so when you apply it, it doesn't absorb as quick as the real one.

Scathe the surface of the gel and leave the real aloe vera gel on it's tub for a few minutes. You'll notice that the real aloe vera gel's surface evens out, while that of the fake counterpart remains riffle.

7. The price trap

There are things you simply can't buy when you don't have the money or if  you're not willing to pay the full price, like quality.

Now, when it comes to buying skincare products like Nature Republic Aloe Vera gel, it may be a really bad idea to sacrifice quality for affordability.

If you see an aloe vera gel that claims to be a skincare product of Nature Republic but costs insanely cheaper compared to it's suggested retail price, then this is a red flag that the product is fake.

In fact, fake products usually find their way to willing consumers because they come at a very cheap price.

8. Where did you buy it?

Where in the world did you purchase that tub of Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing gel? Is it from an accredited shop? A pop-up shop that appeared on the side walk? Did you bought that seemingly real aloe vera gel from a shady online seller?

Where you buy your stuff matters. If you're buying from an accredited reseller outlet or a trusted online shop with lots of positive feedback from satisfied costumers, then you can be confident you're purchasing a real Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel.

It is a wise move to fist check on the feedback of an online seller before you purchase from them. If you see that they have an unusually high number of bad reviews or their are costumers who claim their products are fraud, then there's a high possibility that what they're actually selling are fake.

Brands like Nature Republic isn't a brand that you'll find in a pop-up booth with no valid permit or papers.

Imagine you're in Divisoria, Manila in the Philippines and you're being offered a tub of Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel at a cost less than half compared to the mall price. You got to know that deal is fake, right? You have an instant give away right there.

There are places where real products are being sold. It goes the same for fake ones.

So, that's out list of 8 ways you can determine if you've got a fake Nature Republic 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel.

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