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Messy Bessy Brand Review

Messy Bessy is proudly a Philippine brand.

Messy Bessy Brand Review - Healthbiztips
Messy Bessy Brand Review - Healthbiztips

My first impression

I fist saw the Messy Bessy brand at a kiosk in a mall. Back then, I have no idea what they were selling. I didn't even know that it was a Filipino brand.

I soon found out online what Messy Bessy's brand is all about. They have a lot of products. They have it all from insect repellent, balm, body spray, sanitizer, soap, odor absorber bags, hand cream, deodorant, household cleaning products, and the list goes on.

Where did Messy Bessy's logo came from?

Messy Bessy's logo is that of a smiling fat woman which is actually a painting made by Krie Lopez (the founder of the brand herself) several years before the brand Messy Bessy was founded.

Messy Bessy Review

Messy Bessy is a brand that represents all-natural, non-toxic, and environmentally-friendly personal care and home cleaning products.

The company was founded in 2007 by Krie Lopez with a great ideology of employing impoverished young adults and giving back to the community through it's foundation.

Their products are awesome. Yep, a product that's not filled with harmful chemicals that's great for humans and environment, however, their container is still made up of plastic.


Our seas and lands are already highly polluted with plastic wastes. In their facebook page, they commented this:

We are now actually starting to put up refilling stations in our stores. In fact, we now have 3 in different locations. We also have a Messy Mover campaign, which encourage our customers to return used Messy Bessy bottles back to us. We believe that social responsibility is as important as the environment. It is a work in progress, but rest assured that we're not going to stop working towards a sustainable living.
It's worth pondering that saving the environment is not the sole responsibility of Messy Bessy, customers have to know that they have a responsibility as well.

From what I've heard, they're actually paying their customer for returning bottles. That's really something!

Refill please!

If you become an avid user of their products, you can actually purchase a large refill pack so, that way, you save some cash.

Plant based

Most of their products use plant based ingredients which is good for your health, however, their scent tend to wear off quicker. Even though, I still like plant based scents. It's calming and soothing.

Organic is the best! Commercially available chemical laden house cleaning agents are suffocating to smell.

Kudos to Messy Bessy for creating a line up of products that's purely natural. No chemicals. No preservatives. No artifical fragrance.

Good customer support

I think one of the main reason the Messy Bessy brand keeps on growing is that they have a very good customer support. They're actually listen to their customer's feedback and take step to improve their products.


Compared to other brands, Messy Bessy's product costs about 30% more. Even so, their product remains a hit because of this brand stands out as a a quality maker offering organic products.

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