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OptiVisum Review

OptiVisum Review - Healthbiztips
OptiVisum Review - Healthbiztips

Beware. It's a scam!

I first came across OptiVisum when I saw this advertisement on Yahoo:

OptiVisum Review
OptiVisum Review

@healthbiztips by Arlene Gentallan

It says "No Need of Glasses. It is so easy, and does not take too much time. It takes about 5 seconds in the morning and at night." This got me curious.

The add directed me to the OptiVisum website in which they are selling the OptiVisum drop offering awesome benefits to the eye. They claimed that this eye care product can amazingly restore your eye's visual acuity in just 14 days. After which, you wouldn't even have to wear eye glasses.

Now that I give it a second thought, this promise to sharpen your vision in just 14 days is crazy! It's unbelievable! So, I asked myself "Is this true?"

A scam!

I did some research to find out the truth. I was shocked to know that this whole thing is a scam! It's been going on since May 2018 yet, it's still pretty much in circulation victimizing people.

OptiVisum website looks legitimate. They even have wonderful feedback, but it turns out those good reviews are all fake. The photos of people on their website are just taken from other sites.

What's in OptiVisum drop?

According to their website, this product contains 100% natural ingredients. It's actually a food supplement! You dilute 20 drops of OptiVisum in 200 ml of water and drink it twice a day.

The ingredients are:

  • Lutein and zeaxanthin
  • Anthocyanins from blueberry
  • Linseed oil
  • Zinc
  • Vitamins A, C, P, B1, B2, B6 and omega-3

If you think about it, those ingredients mentioned above are all good stuffs, but it's a no brainier that those vitamins and antioxidants will not sharpen your eyes in just 14 days to the extent that you won't have to wear glasses.

It's a shady product with over the top claims! The manufacturer and the owner of the company that produced  OptiVisum is nowhere to be found.

The sale is also a scam

You'll see on the OptiVisum website that they are selling this product with a 50% discount which only lasts for a few minutes. But, don't hurry because this scam's discount goes on forever. Once you reach the last second of the sale, the sale resets.

Just don't

OptiVisum website asks you to enter your name and phone number, I suggest you don't. You never know what kind of clever tactic they'll do once they got hold of these information. It's a risk.

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