How much calories do you burn while sleeping?

How much calories do you burn when you sleep? | Healthbiztips

You may not achieve your weight loss goal by dozing on your supposed gym workout, but hey! You're still burning calories while you're sleeping!

How much calories do you burn when you sleep? | Healthbiztips
How much calories do you burn while sleeping? | Healthbiztips
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@healthbiztips by Arlene Gentallan

How much, you'd ask? Well, that depends on several factors such as your weight, number of hours of sleep, and body temperature.

The heavier you are, the more calories you burn while sleeping.

The greater the number of hours you spend sleeping soundly, the more calories you burn. But, don't over do it and sleep more than the recommended period as this can backfire on your health.

The higher your body temperature while sleeping, the more calories you burn.

What's your weight in pounds?

With every pounds, you burn about .42 calories every hour while resting.

So, if you weight about 45.4 kg which is equivalent to 100 lbs, then you are burning 42 calories per hour. In a sound 8 hours of sleep, you're burning a total of 336 calories.

I'd say that's not bad. In fact, that's more than what a naive person would guess.

Why do we have so much energy expenditure while we are sleeping?
While you are sleeping, several mechanisms in your body becomes more active like cell and tissue repair. Your brain, which constitutes about 20% of your body's daily calorie expenditure, remains active while you are sleeping.

If you want to lose weight, I highly recommend, you get enough sleep.

Let's compare the calorie you burn when walking so you don't have any good excuse to sleep the entire day.
When you walk, you burn about about 1 to 2 calories per pound each hour. Of course, the amount of calories you burn still depends on factors such as your weight, how fast you walk, temperature, etc. It doesn't take a genius to realize that when you engage in physical activity, you burn more calories than when you are sleeping.

So when you weigh about 45.4 kg or 100 lbs, you burn about 100 to 200 calories every single hour you walk.

Now, walking for an entire 1 to 3 hours may sound too tough for a lazy person or let alone to a normal chair-ridden person. Sad to say, there's no alternative to the health benefits you get when you become physically active.

If you want to lose weight faster, then engaging in physical activity is the key. For example, a 120 lb person burns roughly 100 calories in just 10 minutes of running.

If you're spending the right amount of time sleeping, then you're doing yourself a huge favor. Sleep is more than just a treat, it's an vital predictor of good health which sadly some people, especially the working class, don't get enough. But, don't forget the benefits of physical activity if you'd like to shed off your extra weight.

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