How to consume chia seeds?

How to eat chia seeds? | Healthbiztips

Chia seeds is gaining popularity as a superfood that's packed with fiber and antioxidants.

It is so incredibly high in fiber that just 2 tbsp of it meets 1/3 of your gut's daily fiber needs.

Chia seeds are these tiny crunchy seeds that are loaded with fiber, protein, minerals, and antioxidants.  There's a lot of trick to add chia seeds into your diet.

How to drink chia seeds? | Healthbiztips
How to consume chia seeds? | Healthbiztips
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How do you eat chia seeds?

Chia seeds doesn't look appetizing on it's own, but there are many ways to eat chia seeds and turn it into a mouth watering dish and desert.

Chia seeds in water

Plain 'ol water can be boring. Let's make it fun and delightful by tossing in some chia seeds.

Pour 2 tbsp chia seeds in a glass of water. You can use cold or warm water. Next, allow 5 to 15 minutes to let the chia seeds absorb water and expand. You'll notice that the chia seeds will form a thick gel like coat.

If you want chia seeds to fully expand, then you can actually pre-make your drink. Soaak chia seeds in water overnight. Store it in your fridge to keep it cool and fresh. The next morning, you can enjoy a cup of chia seeds water relish.

Add honey, lemon, or your preferred citrus juice to satisfy your taste buds.

Tea and chia seeds

Chia seeds is a great adds-on to all kinds of tea.

Simply add chia seeds while you're brewing your tea.

There you have it. Chia seeds won't affect the taste of your tea, but it will definitely add texture and color.

Did you know that you don't have to chew chia seeds to get minerals and vitamins from it? If you want to just swallow chia seeds whole then you are still gonna get health benefits from it.

Lemon water

If you're a health addict, then you may be a fan of lemon water. If you'd like to add a twist to your morning dose of lemon water, then why not try chia seeds.

Mix in chia seeds to your regular dose of lemon water. Both lemon and chia seeds have amazing health benefits to your body.

Bread and pastries

Chia seeds can be added to baked goodies such as pastries, breads, and cakes. It adds crunch and health benefits without affecting the taste of the finished food product.

You can also grind chia seeds into fine powder if you'd don't want people, particularly picky kids, to notice it.

Smoothies and shakes

Chia seeds photobomb a huge selection of smoothies and shakes. With all the guilt inducing sweets out there, consuming chia seeds is a great way to squeeze in some health into your lifestyle.

Savory dishes

If you think chai seeds only dominates deserts and drinks, then you got it wrong. Chia seeds is a great ingredient in savory dishes such as roasted beef and chicken to add texture and crunch.

There's no limit to chia seeds use in culinary.


Chia seed is has a versatile culinary application. You may have already seen it be used as a garnish in drinks, oatmeal, bread. roasted chicken, and many other foods.

It's a superfood that not only makes food and drinks look delicious and appetizing, it also tops it with incredible health benefits.

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