Is chia seeds effective to loss weight?

How effective is chia seeds in terms of lossing weight? | Healthbiztips

Chia seeds' effectiveness for weight loss lies in it's high fiber and protein content.

2 tablespoon (equivalent to 1oz) chia seeds boasts a whoopin 9.8 g fiber and 4.69 g protein.

Is chia seeds effective to loss weight? | Healthbiztips
Is chia seeds effective to loss weight? | Healthbiztips
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Chia seeds' fiber content is so incredibly high that just 2 tbsp of it meets a third of your daily fiber needs.

Fiber is good for digestion. It absorbs water and fat which fills up space in your gut, making you feel full and satisfied.

Protein in the diet reduces cravings so you don't end up ruining your weight loss commitment.

How much calories does chia seeds contain?

Chia seeds contains high amount of calories. Every 2 tbsp contains approximately 150 calories.

It is a known fact that in order to lose weight, your calorie expenditure must exceed your caloric intake.

Even so, chia seeds' exceptional fiber, mineral, antioxidant, and protein content can not be set aside.

The trick to successfully lose weight with chia seeds is to use this superfood as a replacement for calorie-rich foods and beverages such as soft drink and milk tea.

So, instead of drinking your regular dose of carbonated beverage and coffee shake, switch it to lemon water with chia seeds.

In place of chocolate chip cookies for snack, why not opt for a chia seed bread?

Instead of milk shake, why not make a blueberry with chia seeds smoothie instead.

Our food choices greatly determines if our weight loss effort will succeed or not.

Chia seeds' potential for weight loss lies in it's amazing health benefits, however, do realize that chia seed in itself is not an all-in one solution. Note that a weight loss attempt is usually futile without the combination of diet, exercise, determination, and motivation.

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