Children who are Good at Lying tend to be Successful adults

Children who are Good at Lying tend to be Successful adults | Healthbiztips
Children who are Good at Lying tend to be Successful adults | Healthbiztips

When a child tells a lie, is it bad? | Healthbiztips

@healthbiztips by Arlene Gentallan | psychology blog

If you want to be a successful adult, then as a child, you should focus on your grades and studies. Lying almost feels like cheating, but a research brings childhood lying into a better light.

A study by Dr. Kang Lee, the director of the Institute of Child Study at Toronto University, challenges the common notion that "honesty is the best policy".

The research finding reveals that being able to tell convincing lies at such a young age is a sign of good brain development and reflects competence in terms of social interaction.

Every good parent wants what's best for their children. But, many of them are not aware that lying is a common thing people do, which does not exclude children.

Lying is a form of deception but it isn't always bad. Think of the white lies you've told your colleagues just to make them feel happy or avoid senseless conflict. Have you ever thought about those lies you've told your interviewer so just you get the job?

Turns out, telling a lie requires higher brain processing that controls the executive functioning. So, anyone can tell a lie, but there are those who can tell it in a manner that makes it seem like the fake is authentic.

If you're worrying that your children will turn delinquent because of the lies they utter, then fear not. Turns out, delinquents are usually bad at lying. In fact, the research reveals that childhood lying have no impact on cheating on examinations, and becoming fraudulent later in life.

Of course, the fact that a study reveals a positive side of lying doesn't really make the act less ethical. There's always the question regarding it's morality.

Dr. Kang Lee still points out that parents who catch their child lying should take the opportunity to speak to their child regarding the untruthfulness of their words in a constructive manner.

In conclusion, when parents find out that their children are telling a lie, it shouldn't always be a cause of alarm. Research has reveal that children who tell good lies have good brain functioning and development. It is worthwhile to note that every child is unique so every situation should still be taken with regards to it's context.

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