Are DIY Braces and Retainers Safe? | Healthbiztips

Are DIY Braces and Retainers Safe? | Healthbiztips
Are DIY Braces and Retainers Safe? | Healthbiztips
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Are DIY Braces and Retainers Safe? | Healthbiztips

@healthbiztips by Arlene Gentallan | health blog

Is do-it-yourself braces foolproof? Let me just tell you that installing braces and dental retainers is the job of a licensed dentist. Now, tell me when was the last time you were good at being an orthodontic? If the answer is never, then you're safety is already jeopardized. This stuff is absolutely unsafe.

I'm not saying you shouldn't trust yourself. After all, we do have to love our self more. You may argue that there is a step by step instruction that will actually help you with the entire process. I hate to say this, but that instruction you rely on is not the actual stuff dentists do in real life.

I know Facebook and YouTube tutorials sounds credible, but in reality, dentist don't use rubber bands and made up wires to close the gap between teeth. Those diy braces and retainers marketed are not regulated, because if they were, they would be nonexistent. There are cases when substandard materials used on diy braces lead to dental infection and teeth loss.

There are just so many dentist wannabe out there.

If, for some reason, which may be due to price disparity, you still feel empower to put on your very own diy braces, then, you have nothing to fear but yourself. I mean, how bad can you be?

Have you seen those diy stuffs people did which turn out to be a complete nightmare. What's the chance that this diy brace thing can end up badly? If you search "diy braces gone wrong" then you'll have a good idea how bad this thing is. It can cost you more than what you've bargained for.

What can be more terrifying than loosing your teeth because of your own stupid dental decision to try a do-it-yourself brace?

Besides, I'm not putting all the blame on you for making diy braces and retainers such a terrible idea. For ages, humans have tried what seems like crazy and unbelievable stuffs for the sake of aesthetic and beauty. We can all be victims of our impulse, peer pressure, and sheer lack of ignorance. Furthermore, real dental work can be really expensive. Shouldn't diy braces have a silver lining, even just a tiny hope to make your smile perfect?

I know you're broke, but want your teeth fixed. I know you can't afford to go to the dentist but, let's just answer the very thing this blog post is supposed to answer: Are DIY Braces and Retainers Safe? The answer is still a "No!"

We'll, I guess there's a really a doctor in each one of us, which can be really horrifying.

Did you know that you can actually file a lawsuit on someone for medical malpractice? Yeah, that's right. Now you know that not everyone can legally practice dentistry.

Hey, since we're on the topic of putting the blame on somebody, why don't we blame the manufacturers and sellers of diy braces and retainers. Why do this product have to exist in the first place?

It is incredible how DIY Braces is such a huge industry. Why wouldn’t it be when it’s generally unsafe, ineffective, illegal, and best of all, it's cheap.

If you can't afford to buy a diy brace kit, then at it's simplest form, all you need is a good 'ol rubber band and a tooth of your choice that you'd like to sacrifice. Yep, because you're more likely not gonna fix anything.


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