How to Improve Self-esteem

How to Improve Self-esteem
How to Improve Self-esteem; photo credit: Bart LaRue @bartlarueeppler @unsplash

How to Improve Self-esteem | Healthbiztips

@healthbiztips by Arlene Gentallan | psychology blog

People with high self-esteem feels a sense of self-worth and respect. Having an affirmative self-image is undeniably a crucial part of a sound psychology.

It's this unconditional self-love many people want more.

While there are factors like upbringing and life events we can't control, there are still ways we can use to build self-esteem.

Accept your self

Self-esteem is an unconditional self-love. You can have all that you've ever wanted in life but still end up having a tiny sense of self-worth. Here's where the mindset of a person comes to play.

In order for you to love yourself, you have to first accept yourself. You have to reflect on certain traits such as your weakness and strengths and recognize them.

Only by accepting those characteristics can you know those characters which you can change and those which you can not.

It's about improvement, not failure

Failure is a normal consequence of trying. Failure, while might seem dire, is often unavoidable. You have to keep in mind that no one is perfect, including you.

It is understandable that there are many who are afraid of committing a mistake, because an error can be fatal.

In theory, mistake is unacceptable, but we live in a world where mistake is a part of reality that we  have to accept and rectify.

Stop comparing
There are a lot of people who tend to compare themselves with others, in which they judge their success base on how far off their achievements are than that of their peers. When a person uses his or her friends achievement as a scale they have to reach in order to gain self-acceptance, then there is no real self-love there.


Finding your purpose in life is something that makes mortality worthwhile. What is it that you want to do in your life? Often, finding one's purpose can be tricky and hard.

Think positive

Having a positive outlook in life is an indispensable tool to achieve a good mental health. It's your way of thinking that can ultimately have the most profound impact on your self-esteem.

Directing your thoughts on the positive side of every situation can get you through tough times. On the other hand, if your focus on the negative aspect of events, you can get drained and stressed out.


Self-esteem is not an unshakeable state of mind. There are life events or traumatic situations that can rattle your self-esteem. Allow yourself time to heal and move on.

In whatever field you choose, it is important to never stop improving yourself despite setbacks.

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